Time line idea.

24 Apr

Well ive got all the info on there but obviously need to be alter alot! but if anyone can help check the information is correct and pics or if theres anything important that ive missed that needs to be added i would be very greatful!

blaenserchan time line in the making.


Small arrow centre identity.

3 Apr

With out the tall arrows but this reminds me of something.. is there already a logo or identity like this?

New identity

3 Apr

Well been playing around with my identity for a while and i think this is it! lol well i dno yet but for now it seems to be changing all the time. heres the progression! lol


Started off as my 5 dogs. But i thought it looked about more like a dog walkers identity than a designers :/

Then the rose a representation of the tattoo on my leg. This is the identity i used for my personal profile for last semesters project, but the tutors didn’t really like it.

So then i started playing the the idea of the * as i use it to mark down things i want to look back at and important things. Which would make a nice designers identity i thought as you want to be the designer that people remember.

Then i done this draw version which i  like.

I then played around with the idea of direction of thought and that a designer has to be able to think outside the box and come up with ideas that other wont. So i experimented with arrows as thought direction inside the * and this was my fav! ive used the print process colours and a cream to represent white/grey. i also like the star like shape left it the middle aswell i may even norrow it to that! i would like to say this is the final but i doubt it! lol

Dog photos!

3 Apr

Pics of some of my doggys when i took then for a walk at the weekend to take more pics for my final major!

Blaeserchan final pics for book!

23 Mar

here are my final cut pics for my final major project book! these pictures are only of Blaenserchan Colliery remains i will also be doing Llanerch and the washery they both used. I may still have to cut some more pictures from this set but im not sure yet! All these pictures below i took my self also i have not edited them at all.


23 Mar

ShopVon is an artist named Von based in London. His work is amazing, very detail and interesting. He’s a very talented illustrator! My favourites of his works is his animal pieces, they are very unique i love his style! Heres a few of my favs!

He has also donated a proof print (which is also signed!) to an charity based ebay store aimed to raise money for Japan aid relief due to the earthquake and Tsunami! great cause! i will defo be biding if it stays in my price range lol as being a student i dont have alot of spare cash! but it would be great to own one of this incredible prints! so for anyone else interested get biding and check out the other prints there selling! the company is Print Okushon or you can go straight to their ebay page! enjoy!

Help Japan Art.

17 Mar

With the devastation of Japan alot of artist have risen to the occasion with there support art, its truly inspiring to see how many people have put the effort in to help raise money to help Japan. Heres some of the Help Japan art.

Also if anyone what to make a donation straight to the cause go to british red cross (if your in the UK).

Cwmnantddu Valley 1922.

17 Mar

As you can see this is a draw view of Cwmnantddu Valley  (also Know as Blaenserchan Valley) it shows Blaenderchan Colliery, Llanerch Colliery and Graig-ddu Brick works. It also shows Cwmserchan Old Levels which they stated was disused. So for my project i think ill cover Blaenserchan, Llanerch and Graig-ddu Brick works.

My CV New altered

17 Mar

So I’ve slightly altered it i think it looks better, cnt decided if i like it centred of low centred :s. Any comments are welcome! Thanks ^_^.

Blaenserchan Colliery old Images and Pictures

16 Mar

So its taken me awhile but I’ve finally scanned in some old picture that I got from the archive in Pontypool Museum so thank you to all of them there. I Havent been able to scan the bigger images i have from there but should be scanning them in soon!