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Mark Carwardine

2 Aug

Mark Carwardine is a zoologist, wildlife photographer as well as other things. But i am interested in his photography! he has some amazing wildlife shots and a vast library on his website. here’s an example defiantly worth checking out.

Obviously Copywriter still you can see how good his photography is. This is a Kakapo a night parrot. I’ve found it very interesting looking at his great pictures and learning about the animals, hope you do too!


yowayowa camera women diary.. Levitation!

11 Jul

This is a website i came across its really different is a women named Natsumi how  takes self-portraits photos of herself levitating! (she also takes non levitating photos of her cats ^^) Its very different i believe she takes a new photo everyday! its really quirky and very interesting!  she also explains how she takes the pictures! well worth checking her out! shes also on twitter and facebook! heres two examples of her photography.

Natalia Campbell

10 Jan

Natalia Campbell is a photographer, she is very creative i really like her work.

Joseph Holmes

10 Jan

Joseph Holmes has been photographing wild landscapes, mainly in color, for thirty-eight years.  i like the nature of his work very pure.

Scott Stulberg

9 Jan

Scott Stulberg is a photographer i really like his work its very interesting so many different thing his obviously travelled alot and took amazing pictures as he went! ^_^

William Eggleston

9 Jan

William Eggleston was born July 27, 1939, Memphis, Tennessee. He attended Vanderbilt University and the university of Mississippi. He is a photographer.

I really like his work its so random but great photos you feel like it has meaning behind them. Great! ^_^

Joey Lawrence.

8 Jan

Joey Lawrence is a photographer currently based in New York.

I really like his work its very vivid.

Cole Rise

7 Jan

Cole Rise has spent the better half of his life taking pleasure behind the lens; stalking cows and lying in the grass to capture the landscape. His work has been featured in a notable amount of international creative magazines, books, billboards, websites, posters, and even a few CD covers for bands you can find in most music stores.

I absolutely love his photography so unique and amazing!

my new camera!

6 Jan

well been playing with my new camera today. here are some of the photos i took!

This is our parrot Eco. This is taken with the exr setting notice the background blur like a Dslr! ^_^

one of our fish call Whisky my sister just told me lol. Shot taken through glass i thought came out really well!

my baby Téa.

branches nice clean pic.

Kovu trying to get some snow off him got snap in motion no blur!

this shot on macro not brilliant but will do ^_^ and s got plenty of other things to make up for it!

crystal pic came out good! ^_^

Lola looking like a grizzly bear! in motion shot if cant tell but the blurred snowball lol

Lola normally.

Téa close up very good detail by my new camera!

Crystal looking lovely.

not shot of Tervethin came out well considering i didnt use the pro low light mode coz i didnt know where it was lol no noise so just imagine how got the pro low light will be! cant wait!

well that it will have too keep testing it to see what its made of! ^_^


29 Dec


So after a whole day in cardiff looking for a camera and lots of looking online after i think i have decided on one! Its the fujifilm finepix F70EXR

As you can see its not the smallest camera ever but it has a 10x optical zoom! which is amazing for a camera this size! but only 10MP but it makes up for it with a fantastic lens! all the reviews ive read have all been positive. heres bit of info on it:

The FinePix F70EXR is a super-slim, big zoom compact from Fujifilm, sporting an impressive and versatile 10x Fujinon optical zoom. Plus, it joins the multi award-winning FinePix F200EXR to feature the revolutionary Super CCD EXR sensor, making it ideal for consumers who are looking for a pocket-sized compact that delivers outstanding image quality with the flexibility of a 10x zoom.

NEW Pro Focus and Pro Low-light modes allow you to create professional looking photos using Fuji’s multi-frame processing technology. The 27mm wide-angle lens makes the F70EXR ideal for landscapes or awkward large group shots, and the new high-contrast wide-view 2.7” LCD screen makes it easy to compose and playback images. All this, and yet still a mere 22.7mm thin, the FinePix F70EXR is a truly pocketable take anywhere compact camera!

well sounds rather good to me and in price range at £170 and can get £30 cashback with John lewis! lol soo tis all good! well hopefully! did want Dslr but way out my price range T-T but tis will do for the time being! ^_^