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All Done!

9 Jun

Well other than waiting for my results my ive finished my degree!! lol just handed in the display boards here mine:

Of course we had to follow a template as everyones need to look like the belong together.

heres the link to the Grad show details if you’re interested:



Hand in today! so here are my final pics…

3 Jun

Sorry its been soo long been swapped it being my final project lot of work has gone in to it and hopefully it pays off! Here are some pics of my final pieces!

All these books where design and handmade by me from the embossing to the binding and folding… other than the printing for course had to have it printed proffessionally as the timeline is over 3 metre long! ^_^.





Time line points!

8 May

ive been working no how to present the dates on my time line are presented here are a few variations i’ve done so fair.

Still in progress atm but these will be displayed with the date before the information, where in my previous post the circle are.

Personal Presentation.

6 May

well ive been working on my presentation i think its coming on ok still gotta do some flash so i can have a bit of movement at the start but i think this is the over all feel ^_^. ok so it wont let me up load it… ill try and figure out another way of getting it up hopefully.

Small arrow centre identity.

3 Apr

With out the tall arrows but this reminds me of something.. is there already a logo or identity like this?

New identity

3 Apr

Well been playing around with my identity for a while and i think this is it! lol well i dno yet but for now it seems to be changing all the time. heres the progression! lol


Started off as my 5 dogs. But i thought it looked about more like a dog walkers identity than a designers :/

Then the rose a representation of the tattoo on my leg. This is the identity i used for my personal profile for last semesters project, but the tutors didn’t really like it.

So then i started playing the the idea of the * as i use it to mark down things i want to look back at and important things. Which would make a nice designers identity i thought as you want to be the designer that people remember.

Then i done this draw version which i  like.

I then played around with the idea of direction of thought and that a designer has to be able to think outside the box and come up with ideas that other wont. So i experimented with arrows as thought direction inside the * and this was my fav! ive used the print process colours and a cream to represent white/grey. i also like the star like shape left it the middle aswell i may even norrow it to that! i would like to say this is the final but i doubt it! lol

My CV New altered

17 Mar

So I’ve slightly altered it i think it looks better, cnt decided if i like it centred of low centred :s. Any comments are welcome! Thanks ^_^.


16 Mar

Well I’ve been working on my CV I don’t want anything over the top and flashy as i would like to just use one CV for all jobs instead of a creative CV and a plain CV. any feedback about it would be great. Thanks ^_^.


11 Mar

For my Final Major Project im working between two different things atm. Its between a book on Missing industrial Architecture or and awareness information Graphics on High Cholesterol or FH ( a serious inherited form of high cholesterol).

For the missing industrial Architecture i will be focusing on Blaenserchan Valley also known as Cwmnantddu Valley. There were 3 collieries and a brick works in this Valley. I will be digging up old photos and illustrations of the Valley and then exploring the Valley for myself and taking pictures of what remains for the collieries and brick works now. This will then all compile into a Book that i will design.

For the Cholesterol Awareness i will be working on discovering static’s and then do an information Graphic that could be published in newpapers magazines and converted in to poster, beermats, bussiness cards leaflets, the possibilities go on and on. I could also work on a diet sheet etc.

I have for the time being to work with both of them as and idea has arose that i could then merge the both and produce then a walk route through the valley with information about what remains of the collieries as-well as this being an exercise sheet to corresponded with the cholesterol awareness.

This will be alot of work so it is yet to be seen if this is what i will end up doing i may just end up doing one of the two. Not sure which one yet tho lol.

Cme Final

26 Feb