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Upper Second Class Honours !

6 Jul

Well just found out what i got in uni from the internet! got a 2.1! sooo happy ^_^ now on to getting a job! shame i got a holiday its going to get in the way! lol but the family must be visited. Hope everyone else who’s getting there results is doing well!


Grad Show.

24 Jun

well i’ve been spring cleaning so i havent been on here but heres a few snaps from my Grad show i should be going again to look any the other departments work tomorrow or through the week so i might put sum more up!

Small arrow centre identity.

3 Apr

With out the tall arrows but this reminds me of something.. is there already a logo or identity like this?

New identity

3 Apr

Well been playing around with my identity for a while and i think this is it! lol well i dno yet but for now it seems to be changing all the time. heres the progression! lol


Started off as my 5 dogs. But i thought it looked about more like a dog walkers identity than a designers :/

Then the rose a representation of the tattoo on my leg. This is the identity i used for my personal profile for last semesters project, but the tutors didn’t really like it.

So then i started playing the the idea of the * as i use it to mark down things i want to look back at and important things. Which would make a nice designers identity i thought as you want to be the designer that people remember.

Then i done this draw version which i  like.

I then played around with the idea of direction of thought and that a designer has to be able to think outside the box and come up with ideas that other wont. So i experimented with arrows as thought direction inside the * and this was my fav! ive used the print process colours and a cream to represent white/grey. i also like the star like shape left it the middle aswell i may even norrow it to that! i would like to say this is the final but i doubt it! lol

My CV New altered

17 Mar

So I’ve slightly altered it i think it looks better, cnt decided if i like it centred of low centred :s. Any comments are welcome! Thanks ^_^.


16 Mar

Well I’ve been working on my CV I don’t want anything over the top and flashy as i would like to just use one CV for all jobs instead of a creative CV and a plain CV. any feedback about it would be great. Thanks ^_^.

Cme Final

26 Feb


15 Jul

i have neglected my blog something awful lol sorry everyone i will get back to it one more holiday and then i will be posting regularly starting 2nd August. till then take care ^_^ xx


17 Jan

Today we went to pick up Kisa shes setteling in well! shes adorable!! lets hope shes sleeps o down stairs with Lola and Crystal! ^_^

Alaska Malamutes.

10 Jan

Well now I’m all done with my uni work its all wrapped up ready for tomorrow YAY! Back to Malamutes well me and my family went to look at some top malamutes pups the best breed in wales! celticwolf. and we’ve decided we’re going to get 1 its a girl that all her below and its her names going to be Kisa! we get to pick her up next saterday at 4 she a brilliant speciement of the breed got a family of champions! but she stunning cant wait till we pick her up she the say of my Téa now lol she going to be massive! I think we’re going to show her as well so she might be a champ yet! and hopefully she get on with all the other dogs or should i say i hope the other dogs get on with her! they should do their all lovely! cant wait to bring her home!