New identity

3 Apr

Well been playing around with my identity for a while and i think this is it! lol well i dno yet but for now it seems to be changing all the time. heres the progression! lol


Started off as my 5 dogs. But i thought it looked about more like a dog walkers identity than a designers :/

Then the rose a representation of the tattoo on my leg. This is the identity i used for my personal profile for last semesters project, but the tutors didn’t really like it.

So then i started playing the the idea of the * as i use it to mark down things i want to look back at and important things. Which would make a nice designers identity i thought as you want to be the designer that people remember.

Then i done this draw version which i  like.

I then played around with the idea of direction of thought and that a designer has to be able to think outside the box and come up with ideas that other wont. So i experimented with arrows as thought direction inside the * and this was my fav! ive used the print process colours and a cream to represent white/grey. i also like the star like shape left it the middle aswell i may even norrow it to that! i would like to say this is the final but i doubt it! lol


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