11 Mar

For my Final Major Project im working between two different things atm. Its between a book on Missing industrial Architecture or and awareness information Graphics on High Cholesterol or FH ( a serious inherited form of high cholesterol).

For the missing industrial Architecture i will be focusing on Blaenserchan Valley also known as Cwmnantddu Valley. There were 3 collieries and a brick works in this Valley. I will be digging up old photos and illustrations of the Valley and then exploring the Valley for myself and taking pictures of what remains for the collieries and brick works now. This will then all compile into a Book that i will design.

For the Cholesterol Awareness i will be working on discovering static’s and then do an information Graphic that could be published in newpapers magazines and converted in to poster, beermats, bussiness cards leaflets, the possibilities go on and on. I could also work on a diet sheet etc.

I have for the time being to work with both of them as and idea has arose that i could then merge the both and produce then a walk route through the valley with information about what remains of the collieries as-well as this being an exercise sheet to corresponded with the cholesterol awareness.

This will be alot of work so it is yet to be seen if this is what i will end up doing i may just end up doing one of the two. Not sure which one yet tho lol.


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