17 Nov

Well for my restaurant i think my theme is going to be the type face garamond! this is one of my favourite font but its not just me that likes it its one of the most popular used fonts by graphic designers! Heres some info!

Garamond was commissioned for the French king in 1540 and was quickly adopted by many for printing. However, the modern version of this type was popularized by Apple. It was used in the hardcover editions of Harry Potter and the short history of the type is mentioned on the last page of the book:

The text was set in 12-point Adobe Garamond, a typeface based on the sixteenth-century type designs of Claude Garamond, redrawn by Robert Slimbach in 1989

Above is example of the font there are a few different verisons but i think ill stick to just using one. i will b making decorative patterns with the font to add to the menus walls placemats etc. So over all looks like it going to be a fun typographical project! along side the theme of garamond it will be a subtle french theme as thats where the original creator claude garamond was born and lived before it was remade! it will be  french- typo restaurant with french food. im looking forward to reseaching more and developing the menus etc fun fun!




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