Book or boxes?

24 Oct

Moving on from just researching spoonerisms im deciding what form my ‘poster’ is going to take. We’ll i think i’ve narrowed it down to either a sort of puzzle book where you have the spoonerisms depicted as symbols and its the readers task to figure out what each one is meant to have said. Or in the form of boxes around 5 i would say not sure on how the boxes will work yet i was thinking either each one as its own or so there more interactive have them Russian doll style! where they will be a box inside the other and have the spoonerisms illustrated or printed on each box and the spoonerism saying on there and have on the inside of each the ‘answer’ to which  the spoonerism was meant to have been. soo as to which one i do yet i dont know lol im just going to develop the two a bit further and see which one has more potential. As for the 5 spoonerism im going to use i think thet are:

  • Bee tag (tea bag)
  • Candle with hair (handle with Care)
  • Flock of bats (block of flats)
  • A Blushing Crow (a crushing Blow)
  • A half warmed fish (a half formed wish) or its a little fit bunny (its a little bit funny)

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