my new camera!

6 Jan

well been playing with my new camera today. here are some of the photos i took!

This is our parrot Eco. This is taken with the exr setting notice the background blur like a Dslr! ^_^

one of our fish call Whisky my sister just told me lol. Shot taken through glass i thought came out really well!

my baby Téa.

branches nice clean pic.

Kovu trying to get some snow off him got snap in motion no blur!

this shot on macro not brilliant but will do ^_^ and s got plenty of other things to make up for it!

crystal pic came out good! ^_^

Lola looking like a grizzly bear! in motion shot if cant tell but the blurred snowball lol

Lola normally.

Téa close up very good detail by my new camera!

Crystal looking lovely.

not shot of Tervethin came out well considering i didnt use the pro low light mode coz i didnt know where it was lol no noise so just imagine how got the pro low light will be! cant wait!

well that it will have too keep testing it to see what its made of! ^_^


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