its been a while!

27 Dec

sorry its been so long with all the work to get done then all the christmas rush and wrapping i havent stopped! lol so i will hopefully be updating this everyday or so with new post! but i still have a bit of work todo so might have to focus on that! still got to fold my mag after hours and hours of printing got one good alined print! so hopefully all goes well and i have to write my manifesto which im dreding abit hate writing but i should be ok! lol well i hope everyone had a good christmas and got everything you wanted. Still ent got my camera yet going shopping tomoro to look at some i havent got a very big buget so i think dslr is out the question T-T so gna have a look and some compacts hopefully theres a good one in my price range! so i let you know how that goes and till next time take care!


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