My Mag.

11 Nov


Im still not sure what my topic is for my magazine yet, which is a bit frustrating but i cant decide! ^_^ I think its between: Japanese Art, Japanese Animation, Up coming artist/designer, Up coming Manga artist, kawaii or Myths and Legends. Still not sure so im going to have a chat with my tutor tomorrow hopefully to sort it out once and for-all so i cant concentrate and one subject. But i have been looking at layouts and shapes for my magazine and ive come across i few i quite like!

Origami Pocket Inuit Art

Origami Pocket Join

This is called Japanese pocket join i believe but i cant find out how to do it anywhere! so im going to give it a go to see if i can get a similar affect. If not I found a very simplified version that doesn’t look as good but the same function. which are below.

paper pockets

pocket sleeves


One Response to “My Mag.”

  1. Cherryl Moote July 14, 2010 at 9:19 pm #

    Hi. Came across your site while doing some research this afternoon and was surprised to find two pictures of my work without any attribution. Could you please either take the images down or give full credit for the work and a link to my website which is By the way, if you want to make the book that you have pictured you will find the instructions in my book called Photo Op.

    Cherryl Moote

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