ink design.

8 Nov

Cooking cooking.Ink design is Wing Ngan’s company. He received a B.F.A. with honors in graphic design from Massachusetts College of Art. Upon graduation, he joined Stoltze Design, where he worked closely with his mentor and former MassArt lecturer, Clifford Stoltze, for four years.  In 2000, Ngan took a venture and founded his own design firm, Ink Design. Over the past six years, Ngan has collaborated with many talented local freelance designers. His clients include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Houghton Mifflin Company, The Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture and Mini Cooper.  Ngan’s work has been featured in Type Director Club 45, HOW, Step by Step, IdN, One & Two Color Graphics and New Typography 2. He also holds many awards, such as the American Graphic Design Awards, BoNE Show Best of Show and Book Builders Award.

I see Ngan when going through my Neo magazine and immediately captured. His work is very bright and fun! Great to look at defiantly one to look out for! great style. His website is: although you need flash to view it so i couldnt unfortunately but i accept good thing let me know ^_^. By if you cant get on there either his shop is where you can see his work and theres a link to his flickr with more of his work and work in progress.

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