Ebon Heath.

8 Nov


Stereo.type1 Ebon Heath is a very talented artist with many talents. After receiving a BFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design, he founded Stereo-type in 1993, a design studio focused on music packaging, magazine layouts, and fashion advertising. Then ten years later he co-founded Cell Out in 2003. Which is a consultancy that develops issue-based media strategies for non-profit charities and non-governmental organisations, in addition to commercial brands.

The work i absolutely love by him is his stereo.type project! which was exhibiting in October in Hong Kong. Heres his work on this amazing project: ‘ Stereo.type is a creative journey to define a visual language that is felt, and not just read, by allowing the form of typography to expresses its content in three dimensional space. What happens when our words jump, scream, and dance after they leave our mouths? this visual exploration began as a love affair with letters and the following question; How do we fuse our typography with the physicality of our body language? We use type daily, yet we rarely appreciate the intricate beauty of form and function found in each individual letter. By liberating type from the confines of the page, i force the reader to become a viewer. This creates a new relationship to language by using scale, volume and movement.’

The whole project is paper- orientated with the mobile. Its amazing how much work must have gone into every piece! I think its very inspiring an out there shows anything can be done. Wonderful work! ^_^

His website is : http://www.listeningwithmyeyes.com/index.html enjoy.

stereotype jewelry



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