26 Oct

JapanEXAt the expo they had these picture that they’d personalise for you with your name of a message and you could watch them do it. I found this very interesting because when he was writing he would not move his wrist or his hand just his arm to write the characters. I have never seen this before and it was nice to see.

Cardboard drawings

While i was walking around the artists ally’s where all the new and up coming manga artist advertise and sell they stuff i was drawn in by these card board art drawings. I really like them they were different to anything i’ve seen being sold i wouldnt have thought art on cardboard could look so good! its interesting to see different medium being used other than paper.

Small collection.

Also on artists ally i seen this cute little book collection. Its a small box created to look like a dog where they have release small comics for you to collect to put in there and they fit perfect in the dog box. I think its a very nice way to keep a collection together and look complete.

Big projector

On the way back to my nans on the tube i see this and i cant remember ever seeing one before when ive gone down to london.Its one of those ad which is the other side of where the train runs through but a bit different. At first i thought it was a big telly but then when the tube came it swtiched off and you could see that it was plain white paper and then i look up and noticed it was a project. I never seen this before although not the most amazing thing i still thought it was very clever and a very good way to advertise.


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