Thomas Heatherwick.

9 Oct

Bleigiessen  Welcome Trust London.I found Thomas through he can be classed as an architect but heres abit about him and his work it probably explains him better than me.

Thomas Heatherwick (b. 1970, England) is known for his adventurous and original use of manufacturing processes and materials across the disciplines of architecture, art and design. His projects push the boundaries of modern manufacturing, craft and design techniques as he tackles new ideas with unorthodox methods or untried materials. Be they large scale public works of art, designs of entire buildings, handbags or bridges, Heatherwick will always make each project a personal challenge to the conventional way of doing things. His public works tend to be flamboyant gestures which have the unusual ability to appeal to the man on the street as well as the high brow critic… and if you want to know anymore you can check him out yourself its all very interesting.

I think is work is very original and interesting i definitely think im going to look at him in more depth.I think he might make my top 10 not sure yet will have to look at some other people first! but heres some more of his work!

Rolling Bridge Paddington Basin London.Sitooterie Barnard’s Farm Essex.


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