I am a Designer

5 Oct

We had a task in uni to pick 10 to words that we think relate to graphic design and then turn them into 10 sentences. So I’ve gave it my best short not so good at english but i think there ok! ^_^

In no particular order, these are my 10 sentences:

  1. I believe CREATIVITY is the key to good design.
  2. INSPIRATION can come from anything.
  3. RESEARCH is the base to all projects.
  4. ORIGINALITY is very important to create something different and unique.
  5. I believe IDEAS are the start of every design.
  6. I think it is important to have a KNOWLEDGE of the computer programmes that I use.
  7. I am very  PASSIONATE about all the work I do and put a lot of effort into each project.
  8. PROBLEM-SOLVING is a vital part of graphic design.
  9. I think that when working for a CLIENT you should work with them to get exactly what they want.
  10. I think that TYPOGRAPHY is a very important part of graphic design.

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