Mark Carwardine

2 Aug

Mark Carwardine is a zoologist, wildlife photographer as well as other things. But i am interested in his photography! he has some amazing wildlife shots and a vast library on his website. here’s an example defiantly worth checking out.

Obviously Copywriter still you can see how good his photography is. This is a Kakapo a night parrot. I’ve found it very interesting looking at his great pictures and learning about the animals, hope you do too!



15 Jul

Well i’ve just been on a free font downloading spree its safe to say my font books doubled in size ^_^

Here are a few i got which have very talented font designer on them not just one of the font sites.

26 zeichen has a really interesting library of fonts! not all of the are available to download 😦 but theres some really interesting ones in there i spend quite a bit of time looking through all these have fun!

Neal Fletcher whose a 22 year old graphics STUDENT! i wish i was this good! really nice typography defiantly one to look out for i see good thing coming his way!


yowayowa camera women diary.. Levitation!

11 Jul

This is a website i came across its really different is a women named Natsumi how  takes self-portraits photos of herself levitating! (she also takes non levitating photos of her cats ^^) Its very different i believe she takes a new photo everyday! its really quirky and very interesting!  she also explains how she takes the pictures! well worth checking her out! shes also on twitter and facebook! heres two examples of her photography.

Upper Second Class Honours !

6 Jul

Well just found out what i got in uni from the internet! got a 2.1! sooo happy ^_^ now on to getting a job! shame i got a holiday its going to get in the way! lol but the family must be visited. Hope everyone else who’s getting there results is doing well!


1 Jul

Well now ive got alot of time on my hands after finishing uni ive been thinking about embarking on new project etc. But thats not what i want to talk about on this post! while just nosing for idea i came across creaturesfromel on etsy by Ellen. Shes a sculptures and i have to say her work is very impressing and inspiring! and there up for sale! here are some of her work and here’s her etsy site so you can check out her other cool stuff! if only i wasnt a poor student ! i’d have them all! lol i’ll have to see if i can persade some to buy me one as an early christmas present or somthing! ^_^


Grad Show.

24 Jun

well i’ve been spring cleaning so i havent been on here but heres a few snaps from my Grad show i should be going again to look any the other departments work tomorrow or through the week so i might put sum more up!

All Done!

9 Jun

Well other than waiting for my results my ive finished my degree!! lol just handed in the display boards here mine:

Of course we had to follow a template as everyones need to look like the belong together.

heres the link to the Grad show details if you’re interested:


Hand in today! so here are my final pics…

3 Jun

Sorry its been soo long been swapped it being my final project lot of work has gone in to it and hopefully it pays off! Here are some pics of my final pieces!

All these books where design and handmade by me from the embossing to the binding and folding… other than the printing for course had to have it printed proffessionally as the timeline is over 3 metre long! ^_^.





Time line points!

8 May

ive been working no how to present the dates on my time line are presented here are a few variations i’ve done so fair.

Still in progress atm but these will be displayed with the date before the information, where in my previous post the circle are.

Personal Presentation.

6 May

well ive been working on my presentation i think its coming on ok still gotta do some flash so i can have a bit of movement at the start but i think this is the over all feel ^_^. ok so it wont let me up load it… ill try and figure out another way of getting it up hopefully.